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While on a class observation trip at a local mental hospital, young psychology major Abby Jones (Christine Evangelista), has a chilling encounter with high-risk patient, Harmon (Dominic Purcell). She returns home for an evening of normal study with her two roommates unaware of the darkness she’s awakened within him. Later that evening a storm moves in, while Harmon escapes leaving a trail of death, as he makes his toward an unsuspecting Abby.

Meanwhile, Abby and her roommate Lynn (Carly Chaikin) receive a visit from Carter Thomas (Scott Elrod), the neighbor cop across the street, warning them about a local peeper lurking in the area. He reassures them that he is close by and as long as they keep their curtains closed and doors locked they are safe. Little do they know, not even Carter can protect them from the rage unleashed by Harmon’s newfound obsession, Abby.Secure in Carter’s cocoon of safety, the girls continue studying into the wee hours of the morning seemingly sheltered by the horrific events happening around them. As the girls sleep, the storm takes a turn for the worse, darkening the neighborhood and trapping them in Harmon’s web of terror.

The story is based on events that took place in one of the producer’s hometown of Alexandria, Louisiana.

"Films in Motion" feature film " Escapee " starring Faith Ford, five-time Emmy nominee and a two-time Golden Globe nominee, ("Hope & Faith," "Murphy Brown") was shot September 13th to October 1st 2010 in Alexandria, Louisiana. "Escapee" also stars Scott Elrod, Melissa Ordway, Kardeem Hardison, Carly Chaikin and Justin Gaston.
 The production company had set up a headquarters on Bolton Avenue near Jackson Street in Alexandria, under the banner Alexandria Film Enterprise LLC in downtown Alexandria. Hollywood Media Bridge and Tall Tales Entertainment in association with Voltage Pictures and Nantucket Productions.
Filming locations:
Filmed entirely in the Alexandria-Pineville area, Louisiana, over a period of about three weeks.
Directed by:
Campion Murphy
Writing credits:
Campion Murphy
written by
Produced by:
Faith Ford
executive producer
Campion Murphy
executive producer
Scott W. Anderson
Bryan S. Sexton

On set diary - Escapee

Tuesday September 14, 2010
Just got to set... Met the director and Faith Ford... Running thru the works as we speak!
Friday September 17, 2010
Crew Wrapped at 2am this morning... Call time today... midnight! It's gonna be a long day!
Saturday September 18, 2010
Monday September 20, 2010
1st week down 2 to go... sat night was crazy 18hrs of filming w/ Dominic got some good stuff... back to work tomorrow night!
Tuesday September 21, 2010
Faith and I making movie magic!!! (Check out the photo below).
Wednesday September 22, 2010
Wrapped at 3 am this morning... call time tonight 9.30.
Wednesday September 22, 2010
Its gonna be another long night...!
Thursday September 23, 2010
Just wrapped!!! Suns up, it's 6:55am why am I not tired?!?!?!
Thursday September 23, 2010
Off too set...was suppose to have the night off. So much for a proper dinner with a nice glass of vino and friends. All good thou not complaining. :-)
Friday September 24, 2010
Last night (or rather morning; Sept. 25) of filming...
Sunday September 26, 2010
Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone in Alexandria for opening up their hearts to us, it was a wonderful experience! As for the questions... Not sure when the final cut will be complete but I would say some time next year. As for TV or big screen, we are going for the big screen. More pics coming shortly... (yes, there will be some with an ambulance-crew}
Cheers everyone!