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Home Run

Big dreams and big plays have led professional baseball player Cory Brand (Scott Elrod) far from home...but the memories of his abusive father continue to haunt him. Growing up with an alcoholic father, the sport was his only hope for approval. Now, as a popular big leaguer, his approval comes from his adoring fans. That’s until a booze-fueled on-the-field meltdown carries over into the dugout, where Cory’s antics injure an honorary batboy. As if that’s not bad enough, the whole rampage is captured on national television.

Suspended by his team, Cory’s high-powered agent steps in. Helene cooks up a public-relations ploy that sends Cory back to his small Oklahoma hometown. Her best-laid plans, however, crash spectacularly when Cory’s DUI lands his brother in the hospital. After years of hard partying and reckless living, the DUI and team suspension make him desperate to save his career.Forced to coach the local Little League team and spend eight weeks in a faith-based recovery program (Celebrate Recovery), Cory must face old wounds, new adversaries . . . and the love he left behind. His journey leads him to a truth more powerful than he ever imagined—and toward the most important play of his life.

The story of a man that faces the pain he tried to ignore. The girl he wanted to forget. The secret he never knew. The story of a man who runs away...and find his home"

Alternative summary:
Cory Brand (Scott Elrod) is a big hitter for big league baseball’s Colorado Grizzlies . . . he’s also a man with a hot temper and a serious addiction to alcohol. When an on-field, on-camera outburst causes a PR nightmare, the team suspends Cory and requires him to get help in a 12-step program. Guided by his agent, Helene (Vivica A. Fox), who does whatever it takes to get Cory back on top, Cory returns to his rural Oklahoma hometown. This is a place Cory had fled years before, leaving behind terrible memories of an abusive, alcoholic father along with the results of his own terrible choices. At first scorning the town and the idea of a recovery program, Corey begins to pursue something other than baseball. The winner looks like he might lose everything, sabotaged by his inability to change. Will Cory keep striking out, or will he finally find his way home.

Filming locations:

Tulsa, Okmulgee, Oklahoma.
Directed by:
David Boyd, A.S.C
Director and cinematographer
Writing credits:
Brian Brightly
Candace Lee
Melanie Macfee
Eric Newman
Acclaimed director and cinematographer David Boyd ("Friday Night Lights", "Get Low", "The Walking Dead", "Without A Trace") will take the helm of the Oklahoma produced feature film.
Carol Mathews and Tom Newman of Current C Creative and Impact Productions will produce. Both have 20-year-plus resumes in film and TV production.
Director David Boyd on "Home Run": "This is just something great to put out into the world"
Carol Mathews on David Boyd, “He has the enthusiasm and the experience; he is exactly who we needed to carry out the vision of the film.”
Principal photography started October 3rd, 2011. "Home Run" had a scheduled release for September 14 2012, but the release date has been pushed back to April 19th, 2013.

"HOME RUN" The Movie Character Bios:

Scott Elrod as Cory Brand:
Baseball star Cory Brand is driven by ambition and haunted by painful memories. But when one reckless moment leaves his career in the balance, he must face everything he left behind—and forge a new path home.
Vivica A. Fox as Helene Landy:
Sports agent Helene Landy knows how to play hardball . . .and she’ll do whatever it takes to get her star client Cory Brand back in the game.
Dorian Brown as Emma Hargrove:
Emma Hargrove is devoted to her son, and she's buried years of heartache and disappointment to protect him. Only one man can threaten the life she's worked so hard to build . . . and now he's back in town.
James (Jim) Devoti as Clay Brand:
Family man Clay Brand has made a good life for himself . . . but time has estranged him from the big brother he once adored. When a twist of fate brings the two men back together, Clay must decide if their bond is worth saving.
Nicole Leigh as Karen Brand:
Karen Brand loves being a small-town wife and mom . . . but there's more to her than meets the eye. And while she's no fan of her brother-in-law Cory, her surprising story could be just the inspiration he needs.
Charles Henry Wyson as Tyler Hargrove:
Ten-year-old Tyler Hargrove may not have a dad in the stands, but he’s got a mom—and plenty of friends—cheering him on.Life gets even more exciting when his idol Cory Brand comes to town . . . until he discovers a secret that changes everything.
Drew Waters as Officer Pajersky:
Officer Pajersky is the resident tough guy, and he won't stand for weakness-even from his young son. He'll take on anyone who crosses him . . . especially local legend Cory Brand. 
Robert Peters as J.T.:
As a recovering alcoholic, John Townsend believes in the power of faith and forgiveness. When Cory Brand arrives looking for a shortcut to redemption, the two embark on a surprising-and transformational-journey.
Juan Martinez as Carlos:
Recently adopted by his foster parents, bright and happy Carlos has no idea that his best friend is now his cousin.


Scott Elrod
Cory Brand
Vivica A. Fox
Helene Landy
Dorian Brown
Emma Hargrove
Drew Waters
Officer Pajersky
Robert Peters
Charles Henry Wyson
Tyler Hargrove
James (Jim) Devoti
Clay Brand
Nicole Leigh
Karen Brand
Ty Fanning
Elvin John Rosa Jr.
Sami Isler
Juan Martinez

On set diary - Home Run

Monday October 3, 2011
* Good morning!!! Enroute to Day 1 of filming HomeRun!!!  Blessed!
* That's what I c! 
* My partner in crime! 
* Day 1 in da can!
* Nigh nigh Tulsa and team HomeRun! C ya in the morning!!!
Tuesday October 4, 2011
* Wake up Tulsa. Sky fitness is where its at!!!
* Thank god for AAA. Car locked itself w the keys in it. Mmmmmm!!!
* Welcome Dorian Brown to the set!!!
* Camera Van!
* Another great day of filming in the can!!!
Wednesday October 5, 2011
* It's tooooo early...
* Wireless on set no workie. Trying to do a video post! Standby!
* How many cast and crew peeps can you fit in my truck?!?!
* Camera man. Ian hooking me up
Thursday October 6, 2011
* Rest in peace Steve Jobs. U R still the man!!!
Friday October 7, 2011
* Batting practice today with ORU's batting coach Wes Davis. Batters up!!!
* Huge thanks to ORU And Coach Davis for hooking up the swing!!!
* Nike hooking me up with some sweet swag!!! Thanks NIKE!!!
* Coach Davis just kicked my a@@!!!
Saturday October 8, 2011
Life is GOOD!
* GM!!! Shooting a great scene today with @dorianbrowm11 n Charles!
* Not gonna lie... Im a little sore this morning...
* That's a wrap on the 1st week! Great job @homerunthemovie!!!
Monday October 10, 2011
* BIG day today!!! HUGE week ahead of us... :-) Week #2 here we come!!!
* Dorian Brown and Sami who plays Kendricks going thru da works!!!
* Full set today!!!
Tuesday October 11, 2011
* Team Bulldogs...
* Huge thanks to Oakley for supporting our film Home Run The Movie!!! Love the new shades!!!
* Off to bed. Nigh nigh!!!
Wednesday October 12, 2011
* Things are bout to shake up on set in 24 when M. Fox gets here!!!
* Chatting with my director David Boyd!!!
Thursday October 13, 2011
* Good morning @MsVivicaFox! I'll see u soon... :-)
* Vivica fox on set today!!!
* Halloween costumes... Suggestions welcome!!! :-)
Friday October 14, 2011
* Crossfit this morning with @JimDevoti kicked my A@@!!!
* Missin @msvivicafox on set today! Get back here girl! :-)
* #ff my new friends and costars!!! @MsVivicaFox, @dorianbrown11 @jimdevoti and my new film
Saturday October 15, 2011
* Hi to Gabriel who plays my younger Cory!!!
* The view from the barn!!!
Sunday October 16, 2011
* End of week 2. Went out with a bang!!! Trust ME u don't wanna know!
* Looks like another perfect day!!!
Monday October 17, 2011
* On set with Johnny Baker... Great PERFORMANCE buddy! thanks for everything!!!
* Week 3 here we go!!!
* Memaw & Papaw's PL! Haha
Tuesday October 18, 2011
* My rental. Time to have some fun!
* Bout to get into some trouble
* Back at it
* Sending love to dan's family...
Wednesday October 19, 2011
* Send my girl @MsVivicaFox some love!
* Wooohooooo!!!! It's an AMAZING day!
* Gettin' er done wit my agent Vivica Fox
Thursday October 20, 2011
* More speeding around in the vette today...making friends with the Ok highway patrol!
Friday October 21, 2011
* Bout to play some ball!
Monday October 24, 2011
* Last week of filming starts today...
Tuesday October 25, 2011
* Filming at Drillers stadium... Love my job!
Wednesday October 26, 2011
* Jim signing his balls!!!
Thursday October 27, 2011
* Rain rain go away
Friday October 28, 2011
* With Jim Devoti shooting one of our last scene.
* Lots of baseball today... filming "Home Run" and now watching the World Series.
* Jim Devoti get in the car son!!!
* Happy Friday everyone!!!
Saturday October 29, 2011
* On set shooting out our last night...missing the World Series.
* And it's a wrap! Well for the most part...
* 2 tiny scenes left today, everyone's done but me... Wow this has flown by can't believe we r done!!!
* Last scene of the movie!!!
A little after party bowling! http: