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Mysteries abound when a family returns from vacation to discover a dead man in their daughter's bed. Thinking they're investigating the murder of a squatter, Castle and Beckett soon find themselves unraveling a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Castle tries to keep Beckett from finding out that they've been romantically linked when he's featured as one of New York's 10 most eligible bachelors.

Full description:
Castle finds the Maitlan place charming, admiring the molding and a converted dumbwaiter. Nothing seems to support Mickey's story, though, until Castle opens the fridge and a dead body falls out. Sure enough, the body matches the description Mickey gave of us of one of the bad guys.

The new corpse is ID-ed as Anton Francis, a repeat felon. Since Mickey has an alibi for the time of Anton's death, Castle thinks the killer must be the same man who fought with Bishop: the mysterious third man. He must be the mastermind; he had Bishop use his job at the travel agency to get the Maitlans a cruise and hired Anton for his criminal expertise. But to what end? What's in the Maitlans' apartment that's worth all that effort?

Castle thinks the key is the dumbwaiter. It would allow our criminals to sneak into whatever is below the Maitlans. But when Castle and Beckett return to the Maitlans' building, they find the first floor occupied by an exotic pet store. The owner, Noel du Preez, says nothing was stolen. Beckett asks what's on the other side of the back wall and du Preez tells her it's a bank. Ah-ha! But apparently something stopped our perpetrators before they could break in. Beckett figures they were betrayed by the third man.

That night, Castle and Beckett have a date with other people. See, Beckett found out about the blurb in the paper and had Lanie set her up with a hot fireman (Scott Elrod). Castle, meanwhile, is out with one of New York's most eligible bachelorettes As luck would have it, they all end up at the same restaurant. Castle and Beckett bore their dates with shop talk, until they both realize that the pet store must have been the real target of the robbery.

(SERIE, Season 2, Episode 14)

Castle "The Third Man" is available on Castle: The Complete Second Season. This DVD is available starting September 21, 2010

Directed by:
Rosemary Rodriguez
Writing credits:
Andrew W. Marlowe
Terence Paul Winter
Episode Cast:
Nathan Fillion
Richard Castle
Stana Katic
Kate Beckett
Susan Sullivan
Martha Rodgers
Molly C. Quinn
Alexis Castle (as Molly Quinn)
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Captain Roy Montgomery
Tamala Jones
Lanie Parish
Jon Huertas
Javier Esposito
Seamus Dever
Kevin Ryan
Wesley Sellick
Douglass Bishop
Scott Elrod
Brad Dekker
Jay Caputo
Anton Francis
Jon Curry
Stan Kopek
Michael Enright
Noel du Preez
Rick Gonzalez
Mickey Carlson
Jack McGee
Dale Fickas