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True Blue

Ten years ago, these San Francisco detectives were everything to each other. They rode together, protected each other and never let anything come between them. Times have changed and they've fallen out of touch. Now the murder of one of their own is about to bring them back together. When tough, charismatic cop Kevin Ulster (Scott Elrod) is shot point blank in his own apartment, his old friends and colleagues regroup to investigate the case. They owe it to him. Ten years ago, he taught them everything they know. Even though they've drifted apart, the Mission Crew is still tight and they refuse to let Kevin's murder investigation get buried. Joining forces, this investigative team will work side-by-side on new cases while they struggle to uncover the truth behind Ulster's death. With their long history together, each new investigation will force the crew to revisit old wounds, reignite past passions and rediscover what made them a force to be remembered. It's a good thing they have each other, because while they look for the truth... someone else is keeping a close eye on them. Sometimes old friends are the only friends you've got.


"True Blue" was a pilot for ABC - According to Scott it didn't get picked up by ABC.

Rachael Carpani ("McLeod's Daughters") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, she'll play Tess Flynn, the new partner of Malcolm-Jamal Warner's character. Also set to appear are Scott Elrod ("Men in Trees") as Kevin Ulster, the murdered cop in question; Malaya Rivera Drew ("The L Word") as Mia Sherman, Kevin's sometimes lover; and Titus Welliver ("The Good Wife") as John Leeson, her slick ex-husband and the prime suspect in Kevin's murder. Ana Ortiz, Eric Lange, Marc Blucas, Poppy Montgomery and Scott Foley are also among the ensemble. Chris Brancato and Jon Harmon Feldman co-wrote the ABC Studios-based hour, which Peter Horton is directing.

(Series - Pilot)
Directed by
Peter Horton
Writing credits:
Chris Brancato
Jon Harmon Feldman
Bert Salke
29 March 2010:
A pilot for ABC is being filmed in San Francisco for a total of five days, according to The City’s film office. “True Blue” is filming at locations throughout San Francisco, including Twin Peaks, North Beach and Golden Gate National Recreation Area property. “They are also filming various aerial footage”.
Titus Welliver
John Leeson
Marc Blucas
Scott Foley
Poppy Montgomery
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Ana Ortiz
Eric Lange
Malcolm Gold
Big Spence
Officer Truman
Rachael Carpani
Scott Elrod
Kevin Ulster
Emily Holmes
Molly Banks
Malaya Rivera Drew
Jack Yang
Carl Marino
Officer Oronato
David O'Donnell
Steven Harris
Raul Bustamante
Detective Vera
Alice Kung
Officer Jefferson
Deanna Marks
Officer Mondale
Asim Kaleem
Detective King
Bennie Bell
Officer Harding